The Nursery


Individualised Care


The Nursery is divided into 5 seperate areas and each room is devoted to caring for a specific age group.

Each room has a team of dedicated staff who are experienced and qualified in childcare. All our staff receive regular training to increase their knowledge and keep up to date to changes in legislation.

Each child is supported individually and allowed to progress at their own pace. Any child who needs extra support to fulfil their maximum potential will receive special consideration

To read about each of our rooms in detail please click on the relevent link above.


Every child who attends Archway Nursery is assigned a Key worker who is responsible for recording all your childs developmental achievements while at Nursery. This record is availible to view at any time and staff are always happy to answer any queries.


Daily Routine


Here at Archway Nursery our days are not rigidly structured but all rooms try to keep to a routine which the children can recognise and anticipate. A familiar routine helps to ensure that your child is happy and secure and enjoys their time at Archway Nursery.

An example of a typical routine for each room can be found by clicking on the room links above.


Activities & Learning


The nursery offers a good selection of educational toys, games and equipment which have been carefully selected to provide opportunities for children to develop new concepts and skills through play and exploration. Older children are encouraged to participate in activities designed to develop pre-school writing, number, colour, shape and independence skills in preparation for school.


Every child is encouraged as far as possible to develop their own interests and it is from these interests that staff will base projects and topics.


We also offer a foundation for early understanding of numbers, shapes, colours, writing and hand-eye co-ordination. Our nursery follows the statutory framework for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

If you would like further information on EYFS please talk to us or alternatively you could look at some of the below sites:


DirectGov Website

Department for Education

BBC Schools


Safety & Security


The nursery and its premises have been inspected to ensure they comply with current fire and safety regulations and all rooms are equipped with interlinked smoke and an integrated fire alarm system.

The main door can only be opened from the inside of the Nursery and children will only be released to a registered parent or carer.

The majority of our staff are first aid trained and regularily receive top up training.


For a full list of all our policies and details on these please see the policies page here.


Archway Nursery, Hyde Farm, Salisbury Road, Pimperne, Blandford Forum DT11 8TX

Phone: 01258 454602