Here comes the sun!

May 22, 2018
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We can’t help but love it when we get a bit of the British summertime! Getting outside has always been important to us here at Archway and the sunny weather offers new, exciting learning opportunities for us.

It also gives us the opportunity to talk with the children about self-care and how to be healthy in the summertime. We talk to the children about the importance of hats, suncream and drinking lots and lots of water to keep their bodies hydrated and healthy. This supports their physical development and understanding of the world as they develop skills and knowledge about their bodies and the world around them.

Protecting the children from the sun and harmful UVA/UVB rays has never been more important as the sunshine comes and goes, often surprising us! Don’t forget to follow the NHS guidelines on sun safety by using a minimum of 15 SPF and 4 star UVA/UVB ratings.

We also enjoy plenty of water play and ice play to keep things fun, cool and stimulating! These types of activity can easily be done at home, but if you would like some new ideas, take a look at these activities below:

  • Paint with water – super easy and fun for hours! Painting with water on the walls, paving slabs or fences is fun and brings opportunities to talk about how the heat dries the water too.
  • Make garden soup – anything can be added to garden soup! Flowers, mud, water… get creative!
  • Washing toys – a multi purpose activity. Not only do the children enjoy it, but the toys get a good scrub too.
  • Add colourful ice to water and watch it melt and create new colours.
  • Turkey basters are wonderful for encouraging fine and gross motor development for children, squeezing and transferring water to new plays.
  • Create a water wall – this can be so much fun! Using old bottles, pipes and funnels. Get creative with this one!
  • Freeze things in ice, such as ribbon, beads, flowers, and pop them in a tray. Chip away at the ice to uncover what’s hidden inside!

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